You Are Not Alone


Happy 4th of July horror freaks!

Hopefully you’re not spending this special day all alone.

If you are, you might want to double check your house just to make sure.

You don’t want to go through what Natalie did on Independence Day.

Check out the You Are Not Alone trailer below to see exactly what we mean.

Oh…and if after hearing the opening voice-over you thought of a comedian by the name of Pablo Francisco, then comment below.

We’re just curious to find out how many of you thought the same thing.

Enjoy the fireworks!


Flaming grills igniting out in multicolored skies,

Tossing back cold ones watching explosions as they fly.

Hot dogs and burgers sizzling, condiments on the side,

Red, white, and blue screaming proudly remembering the ones that died.

Sacrifice and blood shed made this country what it is today,

Respect the flag and waive it high on Independence Day!

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