Two Guys And A Film

This next post is going to be the first of its kind here on SMO. As you know, if you’ve spent anytime whatsoever on our site, that we love horror films! The very reason of our existence is to find you those obscure, not-so-popular, and unappreciated horror films out there and get them in front of you!

So far, we’ve brought you horror shorts, horror features, horror trailers, and horror documentaries. Now, we have thought long and hard about adding more categories to our list, however we didn’t want to add just any category. The category obviously had to be worthy enough, and so, what better way to measure that worthiness than by listening to you, our audience.

So, due to popular demand and in an effort to assure that these horror films continue to thrive, we now want to introduce horror films in pre-production. These are the horror films  that have yet to be made or are in the process to be made and are in need of funding.

This particular project entitled, “Get Away” is a horror feature film currently in pre-production where the director, James Thomas and Producer Canyon Prince, are giving everyone out there a chance to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey of the entire shoot from start to finish!

To find out more on how you can end up being a major part of this horror feature, click the link below!

Two Guys And A Film


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