To My Mother And Father



This next horror short could well be described as the epitome of disturbing.

It is so good that it even inspired us to post about it in poem form.

So without further ado, here’s To My Mother And Father.

Mom and dad left me all alone,

So I decided to play a game right here at home.

I grabbed my favorite mask and ran into their room,

And I hid myself in the closet till the afternoon.

They finally entered then they locked the door shut.

What I saw mom and dad do,

Hurt more than a cut.



One Response to “To My Mother And Father”

  1. SMO says:

    We just can’t get this film out of our heads! This little intro kept reciting in our heads last night and figured we might as well share it with you guys!

    …”Jimmy was left home alone for who knows how long.
    …So he hid in his mom and dad’s closet only to find something terribly wrong! “