There are 10,000 possibilities in a 4 digit combination lock. With a little persistence, focus and a little time anyone can figure out the correct digits to unlock it. That’s precisely what the man in this next short has to do, and with just one lock left to go he looks like he’s almost free.

Unfortunately, for him his time is almost up and there is something dark and terrifying waiting to reveal itself.

Check out Thresher below and see just what’s in store for him.


Combination lock in a thick web of steel chains,

Separating you from the reality you once stayed.

The melody in the room fills you with hope and keeps you sane,

Loneliness empty; ten thousand possibilities to stay entertained.

You scroll through the digits etching each and every one,

Keep your eyes on the prize don’t lose focus you’re almost done.

The music has stopped but the clock continues to tick,

The life you once knew is over just as you blinked.

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