The Living Want Me Dead


When you have a measly job holding a sign alongside a hobo who does the exact same thing on the holidays, it’s safe to assume that your pride has taken a hike a long time ago. When you begin seeking financial advice from your homeless co-worker you can now officially call yourself insane.

Christmas doesn’t just bring out the joy in people, it also brings out our sheer desperate need for survival and craziness out of our hearts.

Why else would anyone consent to consume an experimental drug for just $50?

When that miniscule amount of money is gone and all we have left is a scent that makes every single living creature absolutely head-over-heels want to kill you, then being broke and alone won’t matter anymore. All that will matter is living another day and taking out as many of those vomiting, foaming-mouthed, maniacs as you can.

So, in light of the holiday season horror freaks enjoy this next horror short entitled, The Living Want Me Dead.

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