The Evil Within


For a long time we’ve been wanting to feature a video game on SMO, but it wasn’t until now that we saw a trailer that really impressed us.

The trailer has this, 13 Ghosts mixed with Frankenstein kind of feel to it, and the eeriness of it will make waiting for the release of this game really hard.

The whole concept of a man creating evil in his underground workshop inspired this next post.

The Evil Within will be released on October 21, 2014 for PS3/PS4/XBox360/XBoxOne consoles.


Unleash the batch of tools and liars,

I’ll mold them one by one with my pair of pliers.

Barbed-wire edges might cause me to bleed,

No gloves, no bandages; there will be no need.

Subject ‘A’ inside barrel of shards of glass,

It’ll rise without warning ready to kick some ass.

Donning a wooden box for a head with nothing to lose,

Another creation made to give you more than a bruise.

Last but not least, drenched in so much blood it’ll make you grin,

Not two arms but four…release The Evil Within!


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