The Den


If you’re a fan of the site Omegle then you’re going to love the concept of this next film. If you have never used Omegle it’s essentially a web site that randomly connects you with strangers from around the world to video chat with.

Head on over to the site and check it out so you can get a first-hand experience in exactly how it works. Trust us you will appreciate the film even more once you use it yourself.

The Den is the name of a fictional website that functions exactly like Omegle in this film. The premise is about a college student named Elizabeth who is doing her thesis on the behaviors of people on this site called, The Den.

While spending every waking moment on this website, she later begins to experience serious stalker issues after witnessing a young girl getting murdered on a live feed. Her life as well as everyone she cares about suddenly turns into a complete nightmare.

If you’re not sure what horror movie to watch tonight, then choose The Den. We guarantee you will not be disappointed and the experience will be truly unforgettable.

In the rare case you do forget just head on over to Omegle.

Enjoy horror freaks!

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