The Cross


Have you ever wondered what secrets your parents might be hiding? Has something they have said or done in the past bothered you? Maybe you decided to wipe this certain incident from your memory because you thought it wasn’t a big deal.

The truth is, we can never know what really goes on in people’s minds. What we may see as irrational, to others it might be completely rational. Our solutions to certain things are not exactly a solution to them. Sometimes what we thought could never happen is only seconds from actually taking place.

Probably the worst part of it though is that we never saw this coming.

Get the keys and get ready to go for a little drive, horror freaks. Where are we going you say? We are going to see, The Cross(La Cruz).


  1. Wow! This one creeped me out completely! Great post! 8)

  2. Holy shit!!! He’s fucking crazy!!!!

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