The 9th Circle Teaser Trailer

If you have been following the progression of this site back since we first started 3 years ago or have been active in the obscure horror community, you should be familiar with the incredibly talented director by the name of Damien Leone. We featured his original short called “The 9th Circle ” back in June of 2010. Just 3 days ago we featured his new film “Terrifier,” which continues to get rave reviews. On top of being the most featured director on SMO, Damien Leone is an absolute horror genius and has been working on making his short,”The 9th Circle” into a full feature.

Why do we say he’s a genius? Well, if you haven’t seen “The 9th Circle,” or “Terrifier” go watch it in that order so you can comprehend just why. You see, if you have ever tried to write a script, with a well written story, along with creating¬† characters that fit into that world, you know just how difficult that is to do. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to write it, then re-write it again and again until what you have written can be visually seen by not just you, but by anyone who picks it up and reads it. Then you add the pre and post-production process, marketing, etc, and what you have in your hands is no longer a few pieces of paper, but a full blown monster that can fall apart at any moment if you lose focus of your vision.

Basically what we are trying to say is that Damien Leone has not lost his focus and we want to commend him on that. It is so hard to remain focused and not get distracted especially when you hardly have a budget and the odds are all against you. It is also because of his intense focus on his creation that his short was so compelling to us and why we are totally ecstatic about him turning it into a feature.

We are proud to say that we are 100% behind this film being made and have already agreed to help any way we can. So, if you are a true obscure horror fan and have been waiting for a horror film to completely blow your mind, first watch the original short “The 9th Circle”, proceed by then watching “Terrifier,” then go ahead and watch the new teaser trailer to the soon to be full feature of “The 9th Circle.”

The 9th Circle Teaser Trailer

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