We take a lot of things for granted as human beings and one of those things is our body’s ability to heal.

Just think of when we get a bruise.

We hit ourselves somehow, our skin bruises up, then after a couple of days the bruise goes away.

Without any medication, or pill, our bodies alone can make a bruise disappear without any effort on our part.

When you really think about it, it truly is amazing.

Now, what if we didn’t have that ability and instead our bruises got worse?

For example, think of what happens to a banana after a few days.

At first it’s nice and ripe, but as the days pass it begins to rot from the inside out.

Enjoy the trailer Thanatomorphose and see just how rotten we were to become without our healing abilities!

Oh yeah….and don’t let a good banana go to waste! Eat your bananas!

**********VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED***************

Thanatomorphose UK Trailer HD (NSFW) from ThePeoplesMovies on Vimeo.

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