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You Will Love Me


She’s beautiful….sexy….you fantasize about her day and night. She’s beyond anything you can ever look for in a girl but there’s a problem….she’s already taken! She’s in love with another man and she will not give you the time of day. Your obsession for her takes you over the edge and nothing will stop you!

Check out this incredible, supernatural horror trailer for You Will Love Me.

Until next time horror freaks!

You Will Love Me Trailer

Screaming In High Heels


They’re sexy…..tough…..have a great set of lungs, and don’t mind being covered in blood in the nude! They are the scream queens! Get to know the whole story behind the original scream queens and the era that they overwhelmingly dominated. This is an upcoming film that all horror fans will appreciate and us here at Scariest Movies Online, is proud to add to the list of horror trailers!

Screaming In High Heels Trailer

Long Pigs



Who ever said trick-or-treating was just for little kids? This next horror trailer makes you think that while bags of candies is not enough to please a growing, sadistic adult…that sweet tooth can still be satisfied with just a few human bodies. Bon Appetit horror freaks!

Long Pigs Trailer