Skin Walker Ranch


The middle of nowhere. Some people love it and some people hate it. It’s usually the number one hated place to get stranded and also ground zero to a number of unexplained phenomena.

Now, let’s just say you lived out in one of these isolated areas, like say..a ranch. One day outside, as you’re spending time with your son and having fun, suddenly a strange light appears out of nowhere and snatches him right of of thin air.

Beyond disbelief and most likely confused you still know two things for certain. Number one, he  was not kidnapped and number two, he was not killed. Why? Because in your simple mind only a physical object can take or hurt your son, not some orb of light…right?

This next horror short, based on true events, takes us through a mysterious disappearance of a cattle ranchers son, entitled Skin Walker Ranch. The kick-ass trailer below will get your adrenaline pumping for the full feature right underneath.

Enjoy the show horror freaks!

Skin Walker Ranch Trailer


Skin Walker Ranch Full Movie

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