Silent Retreat


Ever wish you had a lodge you could retreat to up in the mountains?

A place you can go to whenever things got too hectic and just forget about everything and relax or maybe even get inspired?

Just you and nature out in the middle of nowhere.

No cell phone, internet, or technology whatsoever.

No contact with the outside world.

As you get settled in you then learn that this peaceful cabin was once a mental institution.

Do you leave or do you spend the night?

Don’t even bother packing horror freaks, because this is no vacation…this is a Silent Retreat.


We started as six but now we are five,

We haven’t seen Rita could she be dead or alive?

There’s no need to worry she’ll turn up soon enough,

Look what I found hidden underneath some old stuff.

A newspaper clipping describing a very disturbing crime,

This man was just released without punishment of any kind.

We gotta get outta here we’re all dropping like flies,

Doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere till everyone dies.


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