Playing With The Devil


When you’ve exhausted all options and you’re restless and bored,

There’s a game you can play that requires no score.

Just locate the most raggedy of dolls you can find,

And perform a small ritual that takes little time.

Just follow the steps there’s no way you can fail,

Cut here…

Sew there…

Add water…

And clip finger nails.

When the game starts you must play till the end,

No leaving…

No quitting…

These are the devil’s rules my friend.

Happy New Year horror freaks!

Enjoy the first horror film of 2015…Playing With The Devil.


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  2. Fabulous short film! Amazing tension for such a short piece…seems like you’ve seen it before, till you watch and realize you’re looking through your fingers! Bravo!

  3. WOW! Thanks for the post!

    Producer of “playing with the Devil”

    • It was our pleasure! Thank you for creating such an amazing horror film! Definitely keep in touch and let us know of any other upcoming horror projects.

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