Nicotine Stains

Let’s face it, whether you do or you don’t, we can all say hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, that smoking cigarettes is 100% bad for you! Cigarettes are so bad for you that hundreds of companies have invested millions of dollars in all sorts of different products from books to chewing gum to help people quit!

Now, what if you were one of those millions of smokers who have tried every single one of those quit-smoking products on the market but none of them ever worked? Usually when you have a problem like this that you really want to eliminate, you are an easy target for the next best thing.

If you’re at all considering the new, raving, quit-smoking product that’s out now because none of the other things worked out for you, then maybe this next horror trailer will give you more hopes! Enjoy the show horror freaks!

Nicotine Stains Trailer


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