Merry Little Christmas


Tis the season to be jolly… fala-la-la-la…well, you know how the song goes. It’s that time of the year again to put up that Christmas tree, decorate the house, get together with your family, and raid the mall to buy those presents for your loved ones.It’s the one time of year where people put their differences aside and co-exist for the sake of their family and friends to spend a joyous day together.

Unfortunately, not everyone out there is lucky enough to have such a joyous day. Let’s face it, some people out there have had terrible things happen on Christmas that have ultimately traumatized them for life .  This next horror short explores just one of the many possible horrifying circumstances that could happen on a day where everyone should just be able to wish each other a Merry Little Christmas.

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  1. GREAT FILM!!!! It certainly is a bit disturbing but the film is amazing….. I don’t even like to read subtitles but I was captivated the whole time (except a few scenes where I actually HAD to look away). Thanks for sharing another great holiday film! 🙂

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