Lord Of Tears


Throughout history there has been several different versions of the legendary Boogie Man.

The first time we probably heard of him was when we were kids and that he lived in our closets or under our beds and came out to feed on little children.

Years later as we got older, we were then told of another Boogie Man (Boogie Woman) called Bloody Mary, who appeared after calling her name multiple times in front of a mirror.

Now, we have the legend of Owlman, who’s known for torturing the childhood memories of random adults.

This strange entity is dressed like a Victorian gentleman and has the head of an owl, with elongated limbs and sharp claws.

We know what your thinking.

“Seriously…an owl monster?”

“That doesn’t sound scary at all.”

Well, if owls don’t scare you, then take a peek at the Lord of Tears trailer below, you just might change your mind.

Once you’re done watching that, then take a look at what happened when the Owlman was released at an abandoned hospital.

Lord of Tears Official Trailer from Lawrie Brewster on Vimeo.

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