Horror Clay Creations By Neonflower

Long before “Stone Cold” Steve Austin popularized the phrase, “Wanna raise some hell?!” one of the most legendary icons of the early eighties was doing a whole lot of that. As you can see from the incredible piece of clay art above, there’s no need to say much more as any true horror freak would clearly see that it is….the real Hell Raiser!(not the “real” Hell Raiser but its clay form equivalent of course!)

This is just one of many fascinating clay artworks created by Neonflower of scenes from well-known and not so well-known horror films. Check out Neonflower’s portfolio below and see if you can figure out from what films the scenes are from. Be warned they do contain spoilers if you have not seen the film. Until next time horror freaks!

Horror Clay Art By Neonflower


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