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After finally catching up with submissions that were sent via email, tonight we decided to see if we missed any tweets from earlier in the month. One tweet stood out as they were reaching out to us for support of their horror film.

We simply replied back and asked to see a trailer as we always like to see the films that we promote first.

He replied back immediately and sent us the link.

Now keep in mind we have spent all day watching submissions, that were in the end disappointing to say the least.

When we saw the opening sequence to The Newscaster, we knew that we had hit horror gold and could not wait until tomorrow to promote.

From start to finish this is one of those rare films that make you feel glad they are planning a feature.

Now, one huge edge that this campaign has over other horror campaigns is that they have actually had success distributing a film. Natural Wipe Films have had distribution deals with HBO and Showtime of their previous film, A Cadaver Christmas(alternate title Zombies at Christmas) which got exposure both here in the US and abroad.

If there’s any campaign you want to feel good about backing then, The Newscaster, is the one.

For the sake of simplicity, if we could only use two names to best describe this film we would say Ron Burgundy meets Ted Bundy.

If you like the sound of that, watch the trailer below and help fund The Newscaster by contributing anything you can and sharing their campaign!

Learn more about Natural Wipe Films and like their page at:

THE NEWSCASTER from Joe on Vimeo.

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