Hell’s Belles

hells_bellesTake two hot, lively chicks and throw them in a hearse with old rock ‘n’ roll and you got yourself one hell of a ride! This next horror short, Hell’s Belles, takes you from the road to an unexpected location where things will go from raunchy chit-chat to weird and creepy encounters.

You might consider snacking on some pork rinds on this one…just trust me you’ll thank me later. Enjoy the show horror freaks!

Hell’s Belles from Bludgeoned Films on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for promoting Hell’s Belles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Christian Ackerman
    Writer/Director of Hell’s Belles

    • Anytime Christian! Help us keep horror alive! Tell your friends about us and have them like our page!

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