feedSo, it’s the middle of the night and a hot girl you just met invites you over to her apartment.

As guys, we typically do not think with our brains in these situations and so, we come up with the conclusion that all she wants to do is have sex.

No thought process whatsoever.

Just pure animal instincts, which nowadays, are not so accurate, but every now and then we are right on the money.

Not for one second would it cross our minds that she could possibly just want to talk, share her personal artwork, or even drug us so that she could Feed us to her secret pet.

What we are trying to say to all those hot girls out there is simply this…

How about we go back to using the thumb system like we did back in elementary school only with a little tweak?

Instead of thumbs up meaning we are friends…it means you want to have sex.

Thumbs down means no sex.

Simple. No more confusion.

Feed from Mitchel Viernes on Vimeo.

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