Familiar Review

We all know the voice we hear in the back of our minds, it talks while we are silent, and may say the things we don’t want to say out loud. In the film, Familiar, a character named John explores the darker side of that voice as he struggles to find the line between doing everything it urges him to do, and keeping a hold of himself and reality.


This film touches on the dark thoughts we all have on occasion in our daily lives and pushes it to the edge. We are presented with a quiet mediocre male character who’s talking about all the things he wants to do. How everyday life and responsibility of having a wife and teenage daughter, has robbed him of truly living for 45 years. As the movie progresses, we hear all of his silent thoughts and plans, which are seemingly harmless and wishful at first, until events cause him to start acting on this malevolent voice. We begin to see how truly deep his thoughts run and the extent at which he may go to get what he wants. Things take a deeper turn as the question arises, “Could John possibly be insane?”


This film is not only artistically written for a universal audience but explores the much darker side of everyday life and personal growth. Familiar is the kind of movie that will keep you interested and shock you with its outcome. Not only is it poetic but its gore factor brings in rank as well. You won’t be expecting the turn this film takes and just how far the main character will go.

This story is easily relatable as we all get caught up in our lives and lose ourselves somewhat, but none of us ever really follow through with all the things we may think about doing. The film style is unique and sets a personal vibe with the main character. I found myself both intrigued and repulsed by the main characters thoughts and actions. The only suggestions I could have picked on was that, while the gore was good, with all the special effects work they put into the film, the blood quality could have been a little more believable.


However, Robert Nolan does a wonderful job making us feel his pain and internal struggle. The film in its entirety intellectually intrigued me and I enjoyed seeing the events turn out. For the most part, Familiar, is an all around excellent horror short film that is well worth the time to watch.

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