We said to ourselves if we ever reached six rhyming posts that we would start a collection of hexes inspired by horror films.

Only the curse would not be so much bad luck as it would be an irresistible urge to want to watch the film over and over again.


Here’s number 6.

If that number wasn’t significant enough, the fact that the title also has six characters definitely makes this whole hex thing even more interesting.

No, we did not plan on this at all…seriously.

Now, whoever reads the following passage aloud or to themselves will forever be obsessed with the film Entity once its released.

So, until then, you’ll just have to obsess over the trailer.


Get used to the darkness of space without skies,

Who knew that your spacecraft would crumble before your eyes.

You  can yell ‘Mayday’ as loud and as long as you want,

But you know no one can hear you, come on you’re an astronaut.

Just remember your training breathe in and breathe out,

If you see something strange, it’s most likely an Entity there’s no doubt.

ENTITY – Official Trailer from Jean-Philippe Ferré on Vimeo.

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