In honor of this next awesome trailer, we are going to list a few ideas that can potentially scare the hell out of people in an elevator.

Let us stress the word “ideas” here as we have not attempted these ourselves just yet.

Just for the record, we cannot be responsible if you decide to go through with any of these.

This is just a glimpse of a short brainstorming session we had and chose to share with you guys.

We do plan on following through with one of these in the next few months right in time for Halloween, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the list and the sneak peek to, Elevator.

1. Play elevator attendant – Put on your creepiest mask, or make-up and stand next to the buttons while keeping your head down. As soon as the doors close, turn and face the passengers and say, “Looks like we’re headed to the same floor.”

2. Blend In – This one might be a little more ambitious, but the time put into planning it should pay off. Camouflage yourself with the interior of the elevator car. It would be wise to choose an elevator that is easy to match with paint and fabric. Place yourself in any corner of the elevator car and once the passenger enters, either talk or make a subtle movement. That should leave some skid marks in their underpants.

3. Pass out – Make sure that you are standing in front of the passenger when the elevator doors close. Once they do, just fall to the ground as if you blacked out. If they make any attempt to try to revive you just be sure you don’t wait too long before you mention it was just a prank; you don’t want them actually passing out on you.

ELEVATOR – Trailer (SF48HR Film Festival – Horror) from AbstrktVolcanoFilm on Vimeo.

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