It’s easy to play the victim when things become inconvenient.

It doesn’t matter, who you are?

Where you’re from?

Or even what your profession is?

In life, whether it’s this one or the next, you will always pay for the horrible things you do.

Take these clowns for instance.

They’re being held captive and not allowed to roam free as they wish.

All they want is to go home to their families, and don’t even realize why they’re being punished.

It’s only a matter of time before anxiety and frustration kick in and reveal their true colors.

Staring at numerous  familiar faces on a dull colored wall,

They tremble in unison in picture frames ready to fall.

Mentally drained and have no idea of what else to do,

Making her laugh is impossible for me and this other guy too.

“Would you let us go already” we plead, but says she’s not able,

She keeps taking orders from this creepy doll next to her on the table.

Dorothy is what she calls her, just like the “Wizard of Oz,”

Saying “There’s no place like home” is useless, this clown will have to do like “Jaws.”

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