Congrats to Pinfall For Getting Funded


Sorry for being out so long horror freaks but things have been really hectic lately. We haven’t even had time to check our emails in the last month and when we checked it today we found a real treat.

Two guys by the name of Ian and Dayle reached out to us to help promote their Kickstarter campaign for one of the films that was considered to be a part of the ever popular 80-‘s comic book movie CreepShow. The film’s name is PinFall and unfortunately, it was never selected to be in the final film or the sequel CreepShow 2, due to budget cuts.

We are beating ourselves senselessly over not responding earlier to their message because we are big fans of both George A. Romero and Stephen King as well as the CreepShow franchise.

We want to congratulate both Ian and Dayle for surpassing their goal on Kickstarter and wish them the very best in creating what we know will be a very bad ass horror film.

You can check out their successful Kickstarter campaign below and follow them on Twitter @PinfallMovie.

And to those who emailed us in the past few weeks and still waiting for a reply from us, expect an email back really soon.

Thanks for hanging in there and happy to be back horror freaks!

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