Black And White


While there may not be a manual on how to find your true soulmate, you can always count on good old common sense.

For instance, if you are looking for a serious relationship with someone, the last place you want to search is at a bar.

Everyone knows alcohol clouds your judgement and so, looking for love there would be a huge mistake.

But, we are human after all and making mistakes is what we do best.

So, if you do happen to pick someone up at a bar, like a hot, red-head for example, and she invites you to a party, try to resist the urge to say yes until you know what kind of party it is.

If you don’t you might find yourself:

1. With a date that has deliberately painted her eyes black to look like a raccoon

2. Wearing a color that you hate

3. Only able to drink the white wine

4. Pissed off at your date for wanting you to change your sexual preference for the night

5. Hearing another man telling you graphic details about his first sexual encounter with the same sex

6. Not surviving the night.

Moral of the story….

Don’t trust hot, red-headed, raccoon-eyed painted women…or you will die.

Black And White (2014) from Richard Williamson on Vimeo.

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