An Evening With My Comatose Mother

an_evening_with_my_comatose_motherIsn’t it interesting how we are brought into this world as babies and before we leave we just become old versions of them? All of that time learning how to walk, talk and how to take a crap on our own will not even matter because if and when we reach 80 or 90 years old we will lose all of that ability. If we are lucky, or unlucky for that matter, to reach that point we will all need someone to take care of us.

So, for the time being lets just say tonight you will have to take care of a poor old soul in her death bed. Let’s say this poor old soul just happens to be your mother. She raised you to be the person you are today. She sacrificed to make sure you had everything, but now she’s a big responsibility. Taking care of her has been a huge nightmare for you and you wish it would just end already. Just¬† be careful how you handle the situation, because one day the one in the death bed could be you!

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