From the top of your head, what are the top two most amusing professions in your opinion? Did you happen to say baby-sitting and clowns? If you did, then your going to love this next horror trailer.

Imagine stopping by your parents house to check on your two brothers and you find them all alone. They explain that the baby-sitter had left hours ago, so you go upstairs to call your parents. As you make the call you get startled by a creepy-looking, human-sized clown doll sitting on a rocking-chair across the room. You face-away to speak for one second, then the next second you turn back, but all you see is the empty-rocking chair.

Could it just be the baby-sitter pulling a silly prank?..That would be a bit amusing.

Until next horror freaks!

By the way if you like the trailer, you can watch the full movie by clicking HERE

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  1. This movie looks quite amusing, if I do say so myself! LoL

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