So a little bit about us…

We hate Subway. We are more the Quiznos type. (But we do love this shirt! Click on it to get one of your own.)

Zombie Eat Flesh Shirt

We don’t normally eat raw fish, but when we do it’s only at Dr. Seusshi’s.(Another cool shirt from our sponsors!)

Dr Seusshi T-Shirt

What else…

Oh yeah, did we mention that we love horror movies?

We are so fond of them that we wanted to create a site to showcase the best ones online.

We want to feature obscure horror films, that were made on little to no budgets and look just as good or better than the high budget productions out there.

So if you’re a film maker with an incredible horror film ready to show the world, or just a horror fan that has stumbled upon a horror masterpiece, then we want to see it!

Submit your horror film HERE for consideration to be featured on our site and throughout our social media network. (You can look on the bottom right of our page to see the number of followers and likes we have.)

If we feature your film it’s because we had a horror-gasm from watching it. You will hear from us when we do.

If you don’t hear from us…well….it’s because….we turned into a zombie…or The Godfather did this to our pet…

Awesome Mario Godfather Tee

We need a lifetime to grieve.

You can show your support by clicking on Yoshi’s severed head…or you can subscribe below and stay updated on the latest from SMO!

Enjoy the rest of the site horror freaks!


  1. I love this! I’m am currently deiopelvng a logo for a local movie production company. This has definitely gotten my creative juices flowing with lots of ideas. How did you make this? Did you make it from scratch or did you splice images together in photoshop? I love it! Very creative image! I hope someone is able to use it!

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