A Measure Of The Sin


This next trailer for the film entitled, A Measure Of The Sin, left us with our jaws dropped and some drool coming down from the side of our mouths.

We had already agreed to feature this one after watching it the first time, but we couldn’t help ourselves replay it a couple of more times afterwards.

We’ll let you watch the trailer below and try to figure out why we couldn’t get enough.

A Measure of The Sin is being released by BrinkVision and is now available on DVD here

An enchanted seclusion not many would understand,

But without mother now, loneliness haunts me more than I can stand.

Seeking refuge with a family that seems already intact,

Hope in the horizon now crushed by a bear as a matter of fact.

What? You don’t see it? Am I the only one that can?

It’s furious, relentless, and stripping away at me while I ran.

At least I know I should; in my dream I always do,

Smothered, naked, and blood everywhere, is that what you saw too?

A MEASURE OF THE SIN Trailer from Jeff Wedding on Vimeo.

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