5 Senses Of Fear

5SensesOfFear Many would say that we were created for one purpose and one purpose only…to procreate. However, when you really think about it in order for human beings to continue to procreate and reproduce there has to be one vital element involved. This vital component is none other than the ability to survive. Without human beings able to survive we would simply cease to exist. The most fascinating thing about the human body is it’s apparent design for survival and it all boils down to the most incredible gifts we were given…the 5 senses.

Coming to Chiller is a new Anthology about the human senses entitled 5 Senses Of Fear. 5 films by 5 amazing horror directors including Nick Everhart with Smell, Eric England with Taste, Jesse Holland/Andy Mitton with Hearing, Emily Hagins with Touch, and Miko Huges with Sight.

If you never appreciated your senses before then the 5 Senses Of Fear will definitely make you feel more grateful!

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