32We all have our own ways of dealing with stress and whatever else life throws at us. Some of us choose to indulge on gallons of Rockie Road ice cream in one sitting, while others prefer to drink our troubles away. Somehow it always involves in consuming a lot more of what is normally recommended. Another craving we seem to want to satisfy when we feel down in the dumps is of course sex, and once alcohol is thrown in the mix, it’s very difficult, especially for a woman to resist the first guy that takes the time to listen to her problems.

So, for all of you women out there, this next horror/thriller short is for you. You might want to really think about the next time you meet some random guy at a bar. Just consider the possibility that the guy who seems nice and is listening to you go on and on about your horrible day at work, is actually just putting up a front to hide his real intentions.

Let’s say you knew exactly what you were doing and you just wanted to have a fling with this random guy. You decided to put yourself in that position to be taken advantage of and did not care if you ever saw him again.

Well, if you never thought there were consequences to every decision you made in life, then all I can say is “open up and say ahhh”….lets see if a trip to the dentist will enlighten you!

32 Movie


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