Top 10 Obscure Horror Films of January 2015



Since our last post Playing with the Devil we realized it’s been 5 years since the launch of this site and we have yet to create a top 10 list.

So, here it is…

Our first top 10 obscure horror films list for January 2015.

If you haven’t seen these films yet, then definitely check them out…

They will without a doubt satisfy your horror cravings for some time.

1. Luna

2. The Summoners

3. Drudge

4. Playing With The Devil

5. The Wound

6. Slip Chain

7. To My Mother And Father

8. Dead Static

9. Crush The Skull

10. Night Swim


Playing With The Devil



When you’ve exhausted all options and you’re restless and bored,

There’s a game you can play that requires no score.

Just locate the most raggedy of dolls you can find,

And perform a small ritual that takes little time.

Just follow the steps there’s no way you can fail,

Cut here…

Sew there…

Add water…

And clip finger nails.

When the game starts you must play till the end,

No leaving…

No quitting…

These are the devil’s rules my friend.

Happy New Year horror freaks!

Enjoy the first horror film of 2015…Playing With The Devil.

The Living Want Me Dead



When you have a measly job holding a sign alongside a hobo who does the exact same thing on the holidays, it’s safe to assume that your pride has taken a hike a long time ago. When you begin seeking financial advice from your homeless co-worker you can now officially call yourself insane.

Christmas doesn’t just bring out the joy in people, it also brings out our sheer desperate need for survival and craziness out of our hearts.

Why else would anyone consent to consume an experimental drug for just $50?

When that miniscule amount of money is gone and all we have left is a scent that makes every single living creature absolutely head-over-heels want to kill you, then being broke and alone won’t matter anymore. All that will matter is living another day and taking out as many of those vomiting, foaming-mouthed, maniacs as you can.

So, in light of the holiday season horror freaks enjoy this next horror short entitled, The Living Want Me Dead.




There are 10,000 possibilities in a 4 digit combination lock. With a little persistence, focus and a little time anyone can figure out the correct digits to unlock it. That’s precisely what the man in this next short has to do, and with just one lock left to go he looks like he’s almost free.

Unfortunately, for him his time is almost up and there is something dark and terrifying waiting to reveal itself.

Check out Thresher below and see just what’s in store for him.


Combination lock in a thick web of steel chains,

Separating you from the reality you once stayed.

The melody in the room fills you with hope and keeps you sane,

Loneliness empty; ten thousand possibilities to stay entertained.

You scroll through the digits etching each and every one,

Keep your eyes on the prize don’t lose focus you’re almost done.

The music has stopped and the clock continues to tick,

The life you once knew is over just as you blinked.

Night Swim



Who says you can’t enjoy yourself when you’re all alone?

This next film shows us all you need is some classical tunes, a cat, and a decent sized pool to have a relaxing night swim.

Just be careful not to get too relaxed, the water has a way of playing tricks on you that you would never expect.


It’s the middle of the night and your feeling kind of grim,

Just grab your favorite tune and go for a swim.

Feel the water relieve you of your solitude tonight,

Take a deep breath and submerge yourself, don’t worry it’s alright.

What are you doing? Don’t come back up yet,

There’s no one watching I promise you, don’t fret.

Now, go back under and this time really try to clear your head,

Keep your eyes closed and don’t open them or you might find yourself dead.

The Den



If you’re a fan of the site Omegle then you’re going to love the concept of this next film. If you have never used Omegle it’s essentially a web site that randomly connects you with strangers from around the world to video chat with.

Head on over to the site and check it out so you can get a first-hand experience in exactly how it works. Trust us you will appreciate the film even more once you use it yourself.

The Den is the name of a fictional website that functions exactly like Omegle in this film. The premise is about a college student named Elizabeth who is doing her thesis on the behaviors of people on this site called, The Den.

While spending every waking moment on this website, she later begins to experience serious stalker issues after witnessing a young girl getting murdered on a live feed. Her life as well as everyone she cares about suddenly turns into a complete nightmare.

If you’re not sure what horror movie to watch tonight, then choose The Den. We guarantee you will not be disappointed and the experience will be truly unforgettable.

In the rare case you do forget just head on over to Omegle.

Enjoy horror freaks!




If you were a psychopathic welder who one day decided to become a serial killer, wouldn’t you want to think about your wardrobe?

Of course you would.

Not only would you want to have the right look, but your weapon of choice would have to be top priority as well.

I mean, you wouldn’t want to go out there without the proper tools, right?

Drudge is what you can describe as one bad-ass killing machine. Dressed in all black, a handmade black metal skull mask, and best of all an arm-attached arsenal of weapons that range from blades, nails, and one hell of a hook!

Check out Drudge below and experience one hell of a killing frenzy!

Dead Static And Rocky Gray’s New Album Accursed


dead_static    Rocky_Gray_ACCURSED

Normally when we feature a film or trailer it’s usually on it’s own. Today, however, we decided to do things a little different. For months now we’ve been thinking about what other categories within the horror genre to include in our posts and the one that just keeps coming up is horror music.

Let’s face it, without a truly terrifying soundtrack a horror film would not be the same. You can have a great story, incredible lighting for the perfect ominous look, and perfectly executed shots and angles but without the right music to build suspense the film will lack that ultimate terror factor. This is of course is not true with found footage films. When done right these very raw, home video styled masterpieces with the absence of music actually make them extremely chilling.

Now, we are a fan of a good found footage film. When we say good we mean one that doesn’t put us to sleep and keeps us interested throughout. Dead Static, while it may not be something we haven’t seen before surprisingly it kept us entertained. What we truly loved about Dead Static is that it was short, sweet and to the point. An anthology of 3 tales that take you into Vermont’s most haunted places; Emily’s Bridge, Green Mount Cemetery, and The Pittsford Haunted House.

While the sound of static accompanies the rolling credits at the end of the film very well we couldn’t help but think of a perfect substitute, Rocky Gray’s new album Accursed. If you haven’t heard of Rocky Gray, he is the former drummer of Evanescence and We Are The Fallen as well as the guitarist for Living Sacrifice and Even Devils Die. After listening to this album you will not only get the feel for Gray’s passion for the horror genre but also be grinning from the sheer spine tingling sensations you will get from the dark harmonies he creates.

So we hope you enjoy Dead Static and right after go check out Rocky Gray’s Accursed.




Here’s a post-Halloween treat for you horror freaks.

There are many things that women do that we find sexy and after watching Skypemare we added another one to the already extensive list and that is, video chatting in their revealing pajamas.

We got to say that this film did a lot of things right especially in the distraction department. which was an element that was used brilliantly throughout.

There was only one scene that we were hoping the suspense would have been “milked” a bit more, but other than that the film was very well done.

So if you’re alone tonight don’t you worry.  Just take out your laptop and turn on Skype. The girls in Skypemare know just how to make you feel better .

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