Silent Retreat



Ever wish you had a lodge you could retreat to up in the mountains?

A place you can go to whenever things got too hectic and just forget about everything and relax or maybe even get inspired?

Just you and nature out in the middle of nowhere.

No cell phone, internet, or technology whatsoever.

No contact with the outside world.

As you get settled in you then learn that this peaceful cabin was once a mental institution.

Do you leave or do you spend the night?

Don’t even bother packing horror freaks, because this is no vacation…this is a Silent Retreat.


We started as six but now we are five,

We haven’t seen Rita could she be dead or alive?

There’s no need to worry she’ll turn up soon enough,

Look what I found hidden underneath some old stuff.

A newspaper clipping describing a very disturbing crime,

This man was just released without punishment of any kind.

We gotta get outta here we’re all dropping like flies,

Doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere till everyone dies.


You Are Not Alone



Happy 4th of July horror freaks!

Hopefully you’re not spending this special day all alone.

If you are, you might want to double check your house just to make sure.

You don’t want to go through what Natalie did on Independence Day.

Check out the You Are Not Alone trailer below to see exactly what we mean.

Oh…and if after hearing the opening voice-over you thought of a comedian by the name of Pablo Francisco, then comment below.

We’re just curious to find out how many of you thought the same thing.

Enjoy the fireworks!


Flaming grills igniting out in multicolored skies,

Tossing back cold ones watching explosions as they fly.

Hot dogs and burgers sizzling, condiments on the side,

Red, white, and blue screaming proudly remembering the ones that died.

Sacrifice and blood shed made this country what it is today,

Respect the flag and waive it high on Independence Day!

A Measure Of The Sin



This next trailer for the film entitled, A Measure Of The Sin, left us with our jaws dropped and some drool coming down from the side of our mouths.

We had already agreed to feature this one after watching it the first time, but we couldn’t help ourselves replay it a couple of more times afterwards.

We’ll let you watch the trailer below and try to figure out why we couldn’t get enough.

A Measure of The Sin is being released by BrinkVision and is now available on DVD here

An enchanted seclusion not many would understand,

But without mother now, loneliness haunts me more than I can stand.

Seeking refuge with a family that seems already intact,

Hope in the horizon now crushed by a bear as a matter of fact.

What? You don’t see it? Am I the only one that can?

It’s furious, relentless, and stripping away at me while I ran.

At least I know I should; in my dream I always do,

Smothered, naked, and blood everywhere, is that what you saw too?

A MEASURE OF THE SIN Trailer from Jeff Wedding on Vimeo.




It’s easy to play the victim when things become inconvenient.

It doesn’t matter, who you are?

Where you’re from?

Or even what your profession is?

In life, whether it’s this one or the next, you will always pay for the horrible things you do.

Take these clowns for instance.

They’re being held captive and not allowed to roam free as they wish.

All they want is to go home to their families, and don’t even realize why they’re being punished.

It’s only a matter of time before anxiety and frustration kick in and reveal their true colors.

Staring at numerous  familiar faces on a dull colored wall,

They tremble in unison in picture frames ready to fall.

Mentally drained and have no idea of what else to do,

Making her laugh is impossible for me and this other guy too.

“Would you let us go already” we plead, but says she’s not able,

She keeps taking orders from this creepy doll next to her on the table.

Dorothy is what she calls her, just like the “Wizard of Oz,”

Saying “There’s no place like home” is useless, this clown will have to do like “Jaws.”




One of the best things about art is that there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Some people might like what you create while others might not, but us as long as you’re satisfied with it then that’s all that really matters.

This next short is a glimpse into the world of a frustrated artist who is tormented by his own process to create his next masterpiece.

Torment – short movie (2014) from Črt Brajnik on Vimeo.




In honor of this next awesome trailer, we are going to list a few ideas that can potentially scare the hell out of people in an elevator.

Let us stress the word “ideas” here as we have not attempted these ourselves just yet.

Just for the record, we cannot be responsible if you decide to go through with any of these.

This is just a glimpse of a short brainstorming session we had and chose to share with you guys.

We do plan on following through with one of these in the next few months right in time for Halloween, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the list and the sneak peek to, Elevator.

1. Play elevator attendant – Put on your creepiest mask, or make-up and stand next to the buttons while keeping your head down. As soon as the doors close, turn and face the passengers and say, “Looks like we’re headed to the same floor.”

2. Blend In – This one might be a little more ambitious, but the time put into planning it should pay off. Camouflage yourself with the interior of the elevator car. It would be wise to choose an elevator that is easy to match with paint and fabric. Place yourself in any corner of the elevator car and once the passenger enters, either talk or make a subtle movement. That should leave some skid marks in their underpants.

3. Pass out – Make sure that you are standing in front of the passenger when the elevator doors close. Once they do, just fall to the ground as if you blacked out. If they make any attempt to try to revive you just be sure you don’t wait too long before you mention it was just a prank; you don’t want them actually passing out on you.

ELEVATOR – Trailer (SF48HR Film Festival – Horror) from AbstrktVolcanoFilm on Vimeo.




We said to ourselves if we ever reached six rhyming posts that we would start a collection of hexes inspired by horror films.

Only the curse would not be so much bad luck as it would be an irresistible urge to want to watch the film over and over again.


Here’s number 6.

If that number wasn’t significant enough, the fact that the title also has six characters definitely makes this whole hex thing even more interesting.

No, we did not plan on this at all…seriously.

Now, whoever reads the following passage aloud or to themselves will forever be obsessed with the film Entity once its released.

So, until then, you’ll just have to obsess over the trailer.


Get used to the darkness of space without skies,

Who knew that your spacecraft would crumble before your eyes.

You  can yell ‘Mayday’ as loud and as long as you want,

But you know no one can hear you, come on you’re an astronaut.

Just remember your training breathe in and breathe out,

If you see something strange, it’s most likely an Entity there’s no doubt.

ENTITY – Official Trailer from Jean-Philippe Ferré on Vimeo.

The Evil Within



For a long time we’ve been wanting to feature a video game on SMO, but it wasn’t until now that we saw a trailer that really impressed us.

The trailer has this, 13 Ghosts mixed with Frankenstein kind of feel to it, and the eeriness of it will make waiting for the release of this game really hard.

The whole concept of a man creating evil in his underground workshop inspired this next post.

The Evil Within will be released on October 21, 2014 for PS3/PS4/XBox360/XBoxOne consoles.


Unleash the batch of tools and liars,

I’ll mold them one by one with my pair of pliers.

Barbed-wire edges might cause me to bleed,

No gloves, no bandages; there will be no need.

Subject ‘A’ inside barrel of shards of glass,

It’ll rise without warning ready to kick some ass.

Donning a wooden box for a head with nothing to lose,

Another creation made to give you more than a bruise.

Last but not least, drenched in so much blood it’ll make you grin,

Not two arms but four…release The Evil Within!


Feed The Gods



The title of this next trailer couldn’t have been more convenient for this special day.

For today will always remind us of one of the biggest horror gods to ever slash the silver screen and revolutionize horror forever.

This one is for the one and only…Jason.

Today is the day where you should watch your step,

There’s forces at play that could haunt you, so prep.

So what can you do to prevent any bad luck?

Just keep the gods happy and feed them Chuck.

Don’t know a Chuck?

Feed yourself to a swarm of bees,

Lets hope the stings kill you without disturbing God Voorhees!


Happy Friday the 13th horror freaks!











Feed the Gods – international trailer from Bleiberg Entertainment on Vimeo.




We couldn’t help but think Terminator mixed with Alien after watching this sci-fi horror teaser trailer.

We even felt a need to have a controller in our hands as it has that killer video game feel to it.

Unfortunately, Biomorph will neither be making it’s way to a theater near you anytime soon or be released for any game console.

It was simply made for the sake of a school project and will now serve as a commercial to attract more students to the 3D Animation program in Denmark.

Talk about a teaser.

Biomorph from Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen on Vimeo.