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Do you miss the horror movies of the 70’s and 80’s?

Have you been craving for a psychotic, frog masked, serial killer who goes around compressing the hell out of his victims in a stolen garbage truck?

If you answered yes then you’re in for a special treat because that’s exactly what the film Lunatic can be with your help. If the idea of this film gets you excited then click the link below and show your support for Lunatic. Go ahead and also share it with your friends and remember every little bit helps and as always there are tons of cool perks!


V/H/S: Viral – Sick Red Band Trailer



If you thought the first two V/H/S films were good then you’re going to get one hell of a kick out of the third installment.

This trailer is totally insane, has blood and guts galore and best of all hot chicks with monster abs(literally)!

In V/H/S: Viral a group of fame-obsessed teens follow a violent car chase in LA. The other segments which include a psychotic magician who obtains an object of great power, a homemade machine that opens a door to a parallel world, teenage skaters who become targets of a Mexican death cult ritual, and a sinister organization who tracks down a serial killer all tie into the main storyline.

V/H/S: Viral will have a limited theatrical release on November 21, 2014 and will hit VOD platforms on October 23, 2014. Enjoy the trailer below!

The Divine Tragedies



Some find beauty in watching the sun rise. Some see it painted boldly in a Van Gogh. Others however, find it in the most cruel and despicable act, murder.

Take Norman Bates, give him an extra disturbed brother with drive and self confidence, take the concept of killing and twist it until your hands have bled out your palms to the bone and what do you get?

One of the most unique serial killer films that will make you hope butterflies burst out of your chest known as The Divine Tragedies.

If you fear your death being ugly, just watch the trailer below and rest assured, it will be beautiful!

Help Fund The Newscaster



After finally catching up with submissions that were sent via email, tonight we decided to see if we missed any tweets from earlier in the month. One tweet stood out as they were reaching out to us for support of their horror film.

We simply replied back and asked to see a trailer as we always like to see the films that we promote first.

He replied back immediately and sent us the link.

Now keep in mind we have spent all day watching submissions, that were in the end disappointing to say the least.

When we saw the opening sequence to The Newscaster, we knew that we had hit horror gold and could not wait until tomorrow to promote.

From start to finish this is one of those rare films that make you feel glad they are planning a feature.

Now, one huge edge that this campaign has over other horror campaigns is that they have actually had success distributing a film. Natural Wipe Films have had distribution deals with HBO and Showtime of their previous film, A Cadaver Christmas(alternate title Zombies at Christmas) which got exposure both here in the US and abroad.

If there’s any campaign you want to feel good about backing then, The Newscaster, is the one.

For the sake of simplicity, if we could only use two names to best describe this film we would say Ron Burgundy meets Ted Bundy.

If you like the sound of that, watch the trailer below and help fund The Newscaster by contributing anything you can and sharing their campaign!

Learn more about Natural Wipe Films and like their page at:

THE NEWSCASTER from Joe on Vimeo.

Super Zero



When will the next profound event in human history take place?

If you’ve asked yourself this question before, then you’ve probably followed up with the, “Will I still be alive to witness it,” question.

Life as we know has a tendency to surprise us when we least expect it. It can make our day better than we ever imagined it to be or it can take a huge dump on it.

This next horror short, Super Zero, shows exactly how cruel and ironic life can be during a time that the world is witnessing a very monumental event.

So…wipe life’s crap off your face and focus on what’s in front of you!

There’s life on Mars!

Go out and celebrate!

Evil Dead 35mm Print Marathon



The Brew and View will be having a special treat this upcoming Halloween in Syracuse, New York.

On October 24 they will be presenting an Evil Dead marathon all in 35mm print.

The night will begin with:

  • Evil Dead (re-make) – 7pm
  • Dead By Dawn – 8:30pm
  • Army of Darkness – 10pm
  • Grindhouse 42 street Trailer experience – 11:30pm
  • Evil Dead (original) – Midnight

The lobby will be full of vendors selling beer, wine and they’re even going to auction off an original cabin brick from the original Evil Dead movie.

Doors will open at 6pm.

For more information go to:

And make sure to follow @brewandview315  for more special screenings.

Help Support Trauma Dolls



You have the looks, the talent, and the drive to pursue your dreams, but when you enter the destructive world of adulthood you are in for a rude awakening.

Bijou,  the brilliant, beautiful and generous young woman experiences this first-hand and is violently rejected and killed.

When she miraculously comes back to life she is now determined to silence the critics once and for all and make a name for herself.

Help Trauma Dolls get made and show your support by making a donation and sharing their Indie Go-Go campaign.–3

Hillbilly Horror Show



If you’re looking for a 1-hour series hosted by two comedic hillbillies and their very hot, scantily clad cousin that showcases a collection of quality horror shorts by upcoming film makers, then you have to watch the Hillbilly Horror Show.

Watch the trailer below and catch the full series on DVD October 21 and broadcast on Roku.

Also, if you want to watch the trailers to all the films included in Volumes 1-3, then check out their website:

Revelation Trail



We can all agree that there are a slew of zombie titles out there for you to choose from.

Night of the Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Diary of The Dead, The Return of the Living Dead and the list goes on.

We can also agree that there have been a multitude of different settings where zombies have been thrown into including suburban, rural, and even during World War 2.

The one setting, however, that you never see or hear about zombies wreaking havoc in, is in the Western.

At least we have never seen before, that is until we saw the trailer to the character-driven, Tombstone meets The Walking Dead feature entitled, Revelation Trail.

Check it out below and don’t miss the DVD release on August 26!

Congrats to Pinfall For Getting Funded



Sorry for being out so long horror freaks but things have been really hectic lately. We haven’t even had time to check our emails in the last month and when we checked it today we found a real treat.

Two guys by the name of Ian and Dayle reached out to us to help promote their Kickstarter campaign for one of the films that was considered to be a part of the ever popular 80-‘s comic book movie CreepShow. The film’s name is PinFall and unfortunately, it was never selected to be in the final film or the sequel CreepShow 2, due to budget cuts.

We are beating ourselves senselessly over not responding earlier to their message because we are big fans of both George A. Romero and Stephen King as well as the CreepShow franchise.

We want to congratulate both Ian and Dayle for surpassing their goal on Kickstarter and wish them the very best in creating what we know will be a very bad ass horror film.

You can check out their successful Kickstarter campaign below and follow them on Twitter @PinfallMovie.

And to those who emailed us in the past few weeks and still waiting for a reply from us, expect an email back really soon.

Thanks for hanging in there and happy to be back horror freaks!