The Whistler



Who ever said living together with the love of your life isn’t fun?

You both have a place you can finally call your own.

She has her space to do her thing and you can outright scare the hell out of her any chance you get.

If she happens to get scared by something else, like say a strange whistle, then you can come to her rescue…hopefully back in one piece.

Blood Shed



Have you have ever been evicted, homeless, or lived out of your car?

Then you should probably look into self-storage facilities!

There’s an underground world living out of them all over the nation right now and with decent living space, free A/C, and not to mention the cheap rent, who can blame them right?

As with everything in life, whenever you weigh the good things you also have to weigh the bad.

This next horror trailer Blood Shed, which releases on March 4 2014, gives you a glimpse on the cons of what may happen should you decide to move into a self-storage facility.

Found Footage 3D



We are willing to bet that most of you horror  freaks out there have seen what has been deemed a “found footage” type horror film. The Blairwitch Project, Paranormal Activity, Quarantine just to name a few have long etched a level of horror that many filmmakers out there continue to want to push.

This next post is exactly that film that will push the envelope to the next level.

Kim Henkel, the co-creator of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has officially announced that they are entering pre-production of their new film…

Found Footage 3D.

When a group of filmmakers get together to make the first ever 3D found footage film, they find themselves inside the movie after the evil entity from their movie escapes into their behind the scenes footage.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in mid-May near Austin, Texas.

For more information on Found Footage 3D, check out the links below.





*****UPDATE 4/11/14******

Found Footage 3D to Shoot in Gonzales, TX

The meta horror film Found Footage 3D has inked a deal for its scary cabin in the woods.

The cabin, which comprises the setting for about 90% of the film, is located on a 300 acre ranch near Gonzales, TX, about 70 miles east of San Antonio.

Here are some pictures of the cabin:

“Given that every horror movie ever made takes place in a scary cabin in the woods, it was surprisingly difficult to find the perfect location,” says writer/director Steven DeGennaro. “But after almost a year of searching—starting last July before we shot our teaser trailer—we’ve finally found it.”

The filmmakers even launched a contest, offering fans a $1,000 prize to the person who could refer them to the ideal setting.

In the end, it came through one of their own—
actor/director/producer Justin Meeks, who co-directed 2012’s Butcher Boys, which was written and produced by FF3D producer Kim Henkel of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre fame.

The remainder of the film will be shot in Austin, Dale, and one other yet-to-be determined Central Texas location.

Found Footage 3D will shoot for three and a half weeks beginning in late May.


Heir Kickstarter



Fatal Pictures, the guys who created Familiar and Worm, are about to make their final horror short entitled, Heir.

If you have seen their previous work, then you know that these guys really bring the terror!

If you haven’t, then at least check out Familiar below then go to their Kickstarter campaign and show your support by making a donation.

Every little bit helps to make Heir come to life.

And in case you were wondering…

Yes…they are offering some really unheard of perks!





Have you ever been in recovery from an addiction?

If you have do you remember hearing things or seeing things in your house that were not there?

Have you tried sharing these experiences that you’ve had with your friends to only have them call you crazy?

Maybe next time you should setup a camera to prove to them and yourself that you are sane.

Descension Teaser Trailer from Eric Kleifield on Vimeo.

To My Mother And Father



This next horror short can be described as a nostalgic, gruesome gem.

It is so good that it even inspired us to post about it in poem form.

So without further ado, here’s To My Mother And Father.

Mom and dad left me all alone,

So I decided to play a game right here at home.

I grabbed my favorite mask and ran into their room,

And I hid myself in the closet till the afternoon.

They finally entered then they locked the door shut.

What I saw mom and dad do,

Hurt more than a cut.


One Last Dive



So it’s 3am and you’ve been underwater searching for god knows what, but you have one last dive before its time to go back to shore.

So you dive back into the pitch, black abyss and continue your search only this time you find something you were not expecting.

We don’t know much about scuba diving, but one thing we do know is…you never go scuba diving at the witching hour!

One Last Dive from jasoneisener on Vimeo.




Does flying make you nervous?

Do you sweat bullets just thinking of sitting in an airplane?

Well, what if we assured you that your plane would not crash?

Would that get you on board?

Well, then step right right in and enjoy the flight!

Just keep in mind that there are far worse things that can happen to you in an airplane than just crashing to your death.

Enjoy the show horror freaks!

Pieces Of Talent



Meet David.

David makes movies.

David has something beautiful for you to watch.

He has something special for you to feel.

His masterpiece is complete and guess what…it’s you!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Pieces Of Talent.

Pieces of Talent OFFICIAL TRAILER from Shutter Blade Media on Vimeo.

The Windmill Massacre



This next horror film is not in its entirety, but its the concept for an upcoming film entitled, The Windmill Massacre.

If you’re looking for some gore-filled fun, then this is exactly what you will get.

This is one we will definitely be keeping an eye out on!

Enjoy horror freaks!

The Windmill Massacre from Nick Jongerius on Vimeo.